• Stories That Stay

    Stories That Stay

  • The Hotel Encounter

    The guest relations manager met with a couple from Alaska during their check-in. After, she escorted the couple to the hotel's restaurant and learned that they were actually on their honeymoon and had gotten married only a couple of weeks before. The husband also mentioned that it was his first time in Nepal, in fact in Asia. They were spending two nights at the hotel.

    Immediately, the guest relations manager knew she wanted to make the couple's first time in Nepal, especially on their honeymoon, a bit more memorable. She and her colleagues came up with the idea to prepare a tasting of some small dishes that would represent a variety of different countries in Asia. Together with members of the kitchen staff, they chose the countries of India, China, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and the manager's home country, Nepal. The manager also asked the pastry chef to make a cake with a picture of the continent of Asia so they could match each dish with its country.

    The following day, the guest relations manager and her colleagues worked with the hotel's culinary team to prepare the meal for the guests. When they delivered the meal, the guests were genuinely thrilled by the gesture and couldn't believe the staff went through all of that trouble to make their short stay memorable. Upon check-out, they mentioned that this was the highlight of their honeymoon, and they would soon be returning to Hotel Encounter-Nepal in the future.

  • The Hotel Encounter

    A businessman was a guest at the hotel with a repeat group who had stayed at the hotel only once before - one year prior for the same conference. When the guest was at the hotel a year ago, he was having dinner in our garden restaurant and asked a banquet server if it was possible to get his favorite beer beverage. The server informed him that the hotel did not serve that beverage, but he would see what he could do.

    Within a few moments, the server came back with the requested beverage. And every night for the rest of the conference when they were having dinner, the server had the favorite drink waiting for this guest.

    Already amazed by the past experience, the guest never expected what happened at the conference the next year. He was sitting in the restaurant having dinner, and in walked his same server from the year before with the beverage in hand. The server completely shocked and delighted the guest by remembering his favorite beverage, even after a year's time.

  • The Hotel Encounter

    A family with three young children arrived at the hotel for a business/leisure weekend. On the last night of their stay, they dined in the hotel's garden restaurant, The Kathmandu Grill.

    Upon closing of the restaurant, the server attendant found a small stuffed animal tucked underneath a seat cushion. A server immediately recognized that the stuffed animal belonged to one of the young children who had dined at the restaurant earlier that evening. It was too late to return the stuffed animal then, so they planned a fun way to present the toy the next day. They grabbed the community camera behind the front desk and positioned the stuffed animal to look like it was dining in the restaurant, surfing the internet and cooking in the kitchen. At each location, they captured the moment on camera, and then made a storyline to go with each photo. They then printed all the photos and created a book of "animal adventures" for the young guest.

    The picture book and stuffed animal made its way to the guest's door at 9a.m. the next morning. The young boy was jumping out of his skin with excitement when he saw his lost companion, and his mother responded, "The Encounter-Nepal always goes that extra mile - this is why my family keeps coming back."

  • The Hotel Encounter

    One spring morning, the Club Concierge and reservations agent were checking the in-house guest list, when they discovered that one of the Club guests - a woman from Japan - was having a birthday. They decided to surprise the guest. Since the guest was in Nepal away from her family and friends, they decided to prepare the guest a birthday card in her native Japanese language. The reservations agent immediately searched on the Internet and found the Japanese translation of "Happy Birthday." Once the phrase was found, the two realized that they were presented with a challenge, as the characters were hard to copy. They took turns and carefully copied the phrase on the birthday card. Then, they arranged to have a birthday cake delivered to the room and placed the card next to the cake.

    In the evening, the guest came up to the Club Lounge. She was beaming with joy and had a card in her hand. She appreciated the gesture so much that she insisted on leaving them some flowers.

  • The Hotel Encounter

    A trainee at the concierge desk received a phone call from a guest a few minutes before noon. The guest said that her luggage had been lost by the airline and that she needed a formal dress for a function that evening. Unfortunately, the local stores did not carry the guest's size. The chief concierge immediately contacted the local tailor and arranged for him to meet with the guest for an urgent fitting. The guest was very grateful and delighted to see the tailor who rushed off to make the outfits and have them packaged and returned to the guest by 4:30 p.m. that day.

    In the meantime, two other concierge staff members followed up on the guest's lost luggage to ensure it arrived the next morning before the guest left for her next destination. Housekeeping also arranged an emergency kit for the guest with pajamas and toiletries and even a small bottle of perfume. The guest was overwhelmed with gratitude and, with tears in her eyes, thanked the entire team for their resourcefulness.